the Munsters QUIZ 3

How well do you know the Munster Family? Test your Munsters knowledge and share your results with your friends. This is a fairly easy quiz with a 4-minute timer. Get ready, go! †


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Alright! Way to go! You definitely belong in the Munster Family!

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Awe…well, You’re still a winner in Hermans Book for trying!!

#1. Herman Munsters primary job is at the?

#2. the name of the Munsters pet Bat?

#3. Eddie Munster was a?

#4. This family members name is...

#5. Which band rented the Hermans house for a farout time?

#6. How many seasons did the Munsters last?

#7. What was the residential address of the Munster Family?

#8. What was the name of Granpas car?

#9. Herman's call-sign when he reaches kids playing Martians UFO is..

#10. How many Films/Movies were produced for the Munsters Series?

#11. Grandpa works on his experiments and potions in his...

#12. The family pets name under the stairs is...

#13. Who falls in love with Herman after digesting Granpas love potion?

#14. What year did the first season of the Munsters air?

#15. Munsters Go Home! was a...

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