Personnae: Halloween Mix III 🎃(Season of the Glitch)

Participation in the macabre Saturnalia of All Hallows Eve implies that we pull some “dark” mask or other from the psychic closet of our interior dramatis personae, and let it fly on that one-day-a-year exception to the rule.. But “Micheal Myers”, the focal point of the franchise, has shown us that the face of Evil is a blank. Even his name is generic, common and totally un-scary. Yet it resonates down the decades because we have all been secretly forced to acknowledge that true Evil, meaning ours, is most likely to take up residence in the generic and commonplace. There it is, perhaps buried even deeper now under that flamboyant mask, or under that avatar of the “exceptional” we love to wear, one night a year. Or all year round. But there it is… Perhaps this latest version, Personnae: Halloween Mix III (Season of the Glitch), mirrors the franchise in dispensing with this identity-less spray-painted William Shatner mask (containing Michael Myers) altogether. There are spectacularly congruent-to-Secret-Chiefs-3 reasons for doing so: The three leaves of the Silver Shamrock. The Humboldt County shooting location. The theme of mass extermination by mega-corporation. But let’s not get into that too far…


from [UR] Personnae: Halloween EP, released October 26, 2018 Trey Spruance – Guitars, Piano, Synths, all sound fx and production Danny Heifetz – Drums Bass – Jason Schimmel William Winant – Tambourine

by Secret Chiefs 3: UR

Personnae: Halloween Mix III (Season of the Glitch) 1

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