the Origins oƒ Halloween - QUIZ

No one can get 100% with this short Halloween History quiz † it seems the origins of this fantastic holiday have been forgotten through time. Test your Halloween knowledge and share your results with your friends †


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#1. The very first name born from original Halloween rituals was...

the first trace of the Celt ritual in the early 1820s was called Samhain

#2. All Saints Day on Nov 1 was originally known as...

November 1st is All Saints Day originally named Hallowmas. The day before, on the Eve of Hallowmas was known as All Hallows Eve.

#3. In part, Halloween costumes began as Halloween tradition to...

Some early pranks were outright vandalism and those perpetuating it had to conceal their faces

#4. In the 1930s the phrase Trick or Treat was a product of...

Trick or Treat was originally an extortion deal between pranksters and neighborhood residents. The residents would offer treats or sweets in exchange for safe passage or no tricks or pranks played on their homes.

#5. When did Halloween come to America?

Halloween came to America during the great Irish Potato Famine of the 1850s

#6. Halloween was originally a ...

Originally a Celt ritual and holiday

#7. the first Halloween decoration or lighting were...

The very first traces of the Celt ritual included large bonfires where the festivities would take place. The fires were meant to scare away spirits of the dead

#8. the original sweet treat of Halloween is...

Bobbing for apples was the first treats offered in the ritual. that is, if you were able to grab one while blind folded with your head down in a barrel of water

#9. What is the most popular Halloween costume of all time?

Look it up! 😛 It’s easy and quick to put together and many groups of women would go as witches †

#10. Traces of vegi/pumpkin carvings known as Jack-o-Lanterns roughly date back to...

These are thought to be the first decoration aside from the bonfires.. Ordinary vegetables were used.

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