Halloween Movie - QUIZ

4-Minute Timer!!! Test your basic Halloween-Movie knowledge with this short quiz, and share your results with your friends †


Halloween Movie Trivia Quiz 185

Halloween Movie Trivia Quiz 2

#1. Michael Myers first victim is...

Sandy is Michael Myers sister who he kills when he’s a young boy

#2. What did the boy see when he looked out the window?

#3. What year was Halloween released?

#4. The original script was titled?

#5. the white-painted Michael Myers' mask was the face of...

#6. Who else was offered the role of Dr. Loomis?

#7. the movie takes place on October 31st, it's Fall in the midwest. Where was Halloween filmed?

#8. Days it took to film Halloween?

#9. Which movie plays on the TV throughout in the background?

#10. How many Halloween Movies are there in total?

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