Dracula - QUIZ

Test your basic Dracula knowledge with this short quiz, and share your results with your friends †


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#1. Dracula first victim leaving his castle?

#2. How does Dracula reach Carfax Abbey?

#3. Does Dracula drink wine?

#4. Why does Dracula travel with his native soil?

#5. Most effective way of killing Dracula?

#6. Dracula only drinks wine

#7. Can Dracula cross running water?

#8. How does Dracula enter a dwelling?

#9. Which actor played the role of Dracula more than any other?

#10. When did Vampire fangs first appear in Film /Movies?

While Nosferatu did indeed have fangs in this 1920s Silent Film, modern films did not adopt fangs until the late 1950s.

#11. Dracula was born in..

#12. Which film adaptation was sued by Bram Stoker's family?

#13. Bram Stoker's first-verified film adaptation first appeared in

Dracula’s Death (1921) an Unlicensed Hungarian adaptation is the first known film appearance of Dracula †

#14. At the start of this film adaptation, Dracula awakens on the beach

#15. Which real life murderer inspired Bram Stoker to write Dracula?

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