🎡 A Merry Monster Christmas πŸŽ„ (1964) FULL ALBUM

A Merry Monster Christmas (1964) FULL ALBUM

Written by American voice actor Len Maxwell. A Merry Monster Christmas was released as a vinyl record in 1964 on 20th Century Fox Records

FULL Album (1964)

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A1A Merry Monster ChristmasΒ 
A2The Monster Christmas BazaarΒ 
A3The Sounds of ChristmasΒ 
A4Santa Meets The VampireΒ 
A5Department Store SantaΒ 
A6Season’s Greetings From All The MonstersΒ 
B1Sending Out For Christmas DinnerΒ 
B2The Monster Returns A Christmas PresentΒ 
B3Christmas GamesΒ 
B4Wolfman Home For The Holidays Β 
B5Christmas Party At The Vampires Β 
B6Finale-The Sound Of Christmas
🎡 A Merry Monster Christmas  πŸŽ„ (1964) FULL ALBUM 3
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