🎥 Uncle Sam (1996) FULL MOVIE

In this mid 90s slasher, a  Gulf War veteran rises from the dead to inflict vengeance on unpatriotic residents of his hometown. No one will ever burn a flag again, no one will ever desecrate a grave, and No Politician will ever tell a lie again! 🔪

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🎵 Music and Sound Effects for Halloween




Spooky Music to Frighten Your Mood (MUSIC)

a Dark Theatrical Music Soundtrack (MUSIC)


Many of today’s modern mixes end up being too layered with many overlapping sounds including the unrealistic movie style musical tones. We try not to post too many of those. A close modern is the Apparitions mix, but, the sounds were spaced too close together. It’s still a good list and starting point. Feel free to share any of your findings.

A favorite. Traditional effects, Minimal Sounds. (SFX)

Traditional Style Haunting Sounds (SFX)

Spoooooky Ghostly Apparition sounds (SFX)

(SFX) Sounds more like your in a window of small building in a small town and it’s all haunted.

Large Room in Haunted Mansion Sound (SFX)

Background Deep Rumble to fill empty spaces (SFX)

a Traditional Mix of Halloween Sounds (SFX)

Sounds of Crickets, Outside Dark Forest (SFX)

Both Good Minimal Sound Effects AND Music (halloween Theme) (SFX/MUSIC)

Sounds Effects and Minimal Music (SFX/MUSIC)