🎥 Uncle Sam (1996) FULL MOVIE

In this mid 90s slasher, a  Gulf War veteran rises from the dead to inflict vengeance on unpatriotic residents of his hometown. No one will ever burn a flag again, no one will ever desecrate a grave, and No Politician will ever tell a lie again! 🔪

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🎵 Wax Tailor

Ungodly Fruit – Hypnosis – Que Sera – From the Dark – Seize The Day

Wax Tailor taps into an era long gone with a Jazz-age themed approach to his brand and tunes. Often sampling classic silver screen, mid-century, and even modern films with jazz, hip-hop and breakbeats. it’s hard, not to like his wide-range of styles that are also interpreted in some very unique themed videos. Here are just a few of his tunes that have a subtle dark overlay –

Turn up the Bass, Turn it up!

🎥 the Snow Creature (1954)

The Snow Creature was a pretty bad 1954 science fiction-horror film movie produced and directed by W. Lee Wilder for Planet Filmplays Inc. The preview however, is definitely worth watching. enjoy!